Beatrix Quenelley...

Hailing From: Gattow
Occupation: High-ranking Bounty,

BDSM Enthusiast
Enjoys: leather, bondage, exhibitionism, yoga

Known simply as “Queen,” Beatrix is the leader of a group of mercenaries employed by a mysterious space-faring entrepreneur. Though petite in stature, she’s a deceptively powerful brawler with a ruthless, unpredictable fighting style and a penchant for inflicting excruciating pain upon her foes. Her various piercings and body modifications, to which she is constantly adding, are a source of great pride.

Queen is just under one hundred years old, but maintains a youthful appearance thanks to her Gattowi genetics. Like many Gattowi her age, she was born during the Delleyan occupation of her homeworld; in her case, this proved transformative. Studying the movements and mannerisms of the occupying force, Queen became fascinated with their predictability. Before long, she was able to use this knowledge to assassinate fourteen Delleyan agents of various rank undetected. During an attempt on a fifteenth victim, she was identified by several eye witnesses, but managed to flee the planet and avoid capture. She’s been on the run ever since, but frequently finds mercenary work with those operating outside the bounds of intergalactic law. She has since perfected the art of killing.

A cunning strategist with only her personal interests in mind, Queen should never be trusted under any circumstances — perhaps not even by her own allies. Queen is currently only the fifth most dangerous person in the entire galaxy, a statistic she resents with a passion.

First Appearance: Chapter 4, Page 115