Beatrix Queenley...

Hailing From: Gattow
Occupation: High-ranking Bounty,

BDSM Enthusiast
Enjoys: leather, bondage, whips, yoga

Known simply as "Queen", Beatrix is the leader of a group of mercenaries employed by a mysterious space-faring entrepreneur. Though petite in stature, she's a deceptively powerful brawler with a ruthless, unpredictable fighting style and a penchant for inflicting excruciating pain upon her foes. Her various piercings and body modifications, to which she is constantly adding, are a great source of pride. A cunning strategist with only her personal interests in mind, Queen should never be trusted under any circumstances -- maybe not even by her own allies. Queen is currently only the fifth most dangerous person in the entire galaxy, a statistic she resents with a passion.

First Appearance: Chapter 4, Page 115