Rika Hirodeki

Hailing From: Earth
Occupation: Uncertain Office Lady
Enjoys: socializing, action movies, barhopping, dirty jokes

Rika is a typical Earthling: fun-loving, relatively care-free, and not exactly certain what to do with the rest of her life. Her friends and colleagues frequently remark on her nearly unflappable good mood and her surprising tolerance for alcohol. She shares an apartment in downtown Santa Quito with Mai Yamamura, her best friend since high school and most loyal confidant.

Rika makes friends easily and generally wears her heart on her sleeve. Despite a reputation as a serial flirt, she maintains her bachelorette status as a badge of honor. Growing up in a single-parent household, she’s adopted her mother’s tendency to prefer a simple, uncluttered lifestyle. She generally shies away from food that isn’t served in sandwich or burrito form.

When Rika accidentally married Pepito D’bo — one of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy — it came as something of a shock to everyone, owing mostly to the fact that Earthlings are not particularly well-versed in the intricacies of K’baban mating rituals. An almost endless chain of bizarre events has been occurring ever since.


Mai Yamamura

Hailing From: Earth
Occupation: Timid Typist
Enjoys: multicultural cuisine, gadgetry, martial arts, baths

Mai is a shy girl, usually keeping to herself and rarely venturing beyond the confines of her home. Bookish by nature, she’s become a fount of knowledge on a wide range of esoterica. Despite an aversion to confrontation, matters relating to morals and politics easily push her buttons; once her hackles are raised, she becomes a force with which to be reckoned. Mai is noticeably more relaxed in the company of her closest friend, Rika Hirodeki.

She was brought up wanting for little, her parents lavishing her with nearly everything she desired — except the social skills required to make friends. Mai was lonely and languishing in solitude, but meeting Rika in high school changed all that, giving her a new outlook on life (most importantly, that it didn’t totally suck). She has since expanded her wardrobe to include colors other than black. Though she still doesn’t completely understand extroverts, she’s become more willing to emulate them.

Mai is currently married-by-association to Pepito D’bo, a notorious space pirate, after a failed attempt to save Rika from the shackles of holy K’baban union. Maintaining this status has proven essential to remaining uneaten by their K’baban guests, and requires her to pretend to be Rika’s domestic partner at all times, but she doesn’t mind. Mai prefers a female masseuse.


Pepito D'bo

Hailing From: K'bab
Occupation: Lawbreaker, Kung Fu Masseuse
Enjoys: eating, wrestling, girls, being with Zukie

What Pepito lacks in brainpower, she makes up for in tenacity and appetite. She values the opinion of her best friend and older sister, Zukie, above all else. A very physical sort of girl, Pepito prefers a hands-on approach whenever possible (almost always), regardless of the situation being appropriate (usually never). Her inexperience in most social graces stems from a complete lack of inhibition and a child-like fascination with just about everything.

Pepito and Zukie were abandoned at birth and raised in one of K’bab’s many over-crowded, under-funded orphanages. After learning the basics — stealing, fighting, and staying alive — they struck out on their own as little more than children, living on the streets and just barely making ends meet. By the time they reached their teens, they’d become notorious thieves, frequently spending their evenings in jail or on the lam. It wasn’t until they escaped the planet that their criminal careers really took off.

Pepito is currently married to Rika, Mai, and the prince of the Tri-Galactic Federation through unusual circumstances. She is also a practitioner of a rare blend of martial arts and massage known as the Harmonic Arts. Pepito happens to be a very dangerous criminal — currently Number Four of the Galaxy’s Ten Most Wanted. Her favorite Earth foods are dairy products, which are largely unknown on her homeworld. She is easily moved to tears.


Zukie D'bo

Hailing From: K'bab
Occupation: Criminal, Massage Artist
Enjoys: cooking, showers, girls, being with Pepito

Zukie’s interests revolve almost entirely around her younger sister; she puts the safety and well-being of Pepito before her own. Her infatuation with “little sis” certainly goes beyond the normal bounds of a sibling relationship, but the extent of this interest remains mostly speculation. Zukie is obsessed with cleanliness, often showering three times a day or more. She delights in harassing any woman she finds attractive.

After a life of petty crime on their native K’bab, Zukie and Pepito took to space piracy in the surrounding star systems. Several successful heists on marked Tri-Galactic vessels quickly brought them to the attention of the Intergalactic Authorities; before long, they were apprehended and incarcerated at Station X9, a maximum security penal colony orbited by an electromagnetic minefield. It remains unclear how they escaped the first, second, or third time.

Zukie has a marked distrust of the opposite sex, which she is not afraid to verbalize. She’s adept at the culinary arts, and can make a delicious meal out of just about anything, including people. Her abilities as a martial artist and masseuse are formidable, as almost anyone on the receiving end of her techniques will likely testify. Zukie should be considered armed and dangerous, being the third most wanted criminal in the entire galaxy. She is currently married to Ruby Maxim, a cyborg bounty hunter, after a botched attempt on her life. Zukie is in possession of an ancient Garritan artifact known as the Ribbon Heart, and has been hunted (along with her sister) by its rightful owners ever since it was stolen.


Prince Julian Petri Volnoch III

Hailing From: Delley
Occupation: Prince of the Tri-Galactic Federation, Handsome Bounty Hunter
Enjoys: oration, fancy clothes, hair gel, acting

Young Prince Julian is the proud descendant of a royal line of intergalactic bounty hunters. Trained in the art of tracking from an early age, Julian has amassed an impressive list of captured bounties, and seems poised to surpass both his father and grandfather in lifetime apprehensions. Though foppish in appearance, he is in peak physical condition; regular athletic training has made him extremely nimble and resilient. He has a slightly unhealthy obsession with his hair and speaking in the third person.

During his training aboard a Tri-Galactic warship, Julian befriended Moloki conscript and fellow bounty hunter Ruby Maxim. While the details of their relationship have never been divulged, a tryst has been widely rumored and speculated upon in a number of intergalactic tabloids. After a falling out, the two have frequently vied for the same high-ranking bounties, causing several highly publicized dust-ups.

Julian’s svelte physique, radiant complexion, good sense of personal hygiene, and naturally fabulous hair give him the ability to pass as a woman when dressed and made up appropriately, though the usefulness of this trait remains a mystery. In a desperate attempt to save himself from a fate worse than death, he accidentally married Pepito D’bo, one of the most dangerous space pirates in the galaxy. Despite a penchant for bravado, his legendary reputation as the craftiest bounty hunter in the known universe precedes him. Julian’s best time for successfully putting the moves on a complete stranger is twenty-seven Earth seconds.


Ruby Maxim

Hailing From: Moloko
Occupation: King-size Bounty Hunter
Enjoys: alcohol, exercise, vigilante justice, polishing

Ruby is much, much larger than the average Earthling in several respects. In Earth measurements, she’s about nine feet tall and weighs slightly over a quarter tonne — she is, however, just modest enough not to quote any of the more intimate measurements, all of which are equally enormous. After an introspective session brought on by the time-honored Moloki tradition of binge drinking, Ruby decided to indulge in another time-honored Moloki tradition — extreme body augmentation. Her mechanical upgrades have given her a distinct edge over most competitors, as well as endowing her with the ability to turn any small, enclosed space into a steam sauna. While this may seem strange to Earthlings, it’s actually a fairly common elective procedure among the inhabitants of Ruby’s home world, of whom nearly half are cyborgs.

Conscripted into the Tri-Galactic Federation’s space fleet upon reaching adulthood, Ruby became familiar with the crown prince during her training. Sharing a passion for bounty hunting, the two were frequently seen socializing until an undisclosed altercation caused a falling out. Ruby resigned from the space fleet after completing her requisite three years, though she still wears her standard-issue cap to signify her allegiance. It is unclear whether her relationship with Prince Julian remained strictly professional.

Ruby was formerly employed by the Garritan military to aid them in their mission, but was presumed dead and replaced by the mercenary Beatrix Quenelley after an extended lapse in communication. She would like more than anything to have a real friend with whom she could relate, but tends to scare them away before she has a chance to really open up to them. She has an uncanny ability to destroy almost everything she touches.


Commander Grenna Dhin

Hailing From: Garritas
Occupation: Mysterious Head Honcho
Enjoys: fine wine, obedience, trap doors, mood lighting

Commander Dhin has traveled innumerable distances to find a certain female individual currently residing on Earth. Her exact whereabouts and physical appearance are unknown, but he seems to have another method of finding her. He was formerly the appointed Supreme Chancellor of Garritas, a planet in the Andromeda galaxy, but is currently leader of the Garritan royal family’s private guard. His faith in his cause is unshakable, and his loyal crew would gladly follow him to the end of the universe without question.

Commander Dhin has a vested interest in the advancement of experimental “containment technology,” a type of teleportation-based compression system that could easily revolutionize intergalactic trade. He has hinted at previous dealings with the Delleyan royal family, and may be quite a bit older than he looks. His mask is a medical prosthetic that permanently covers ninety-seven percent of his head and neck; as a result, his diet is mostly liquid, consumed via retractable, prehensile feeding tubes. A connoisseur of fine wines, Commander Dhin keeps his quarters (and the throne room) stocked with a selection of his favorites.


Beatrix Quenelley

Hailing From: Gattow
Occupation: High-ranking Bounty, BDSM Enthusiast
Enjoys: leather, bondage, exhibitionism, yoga

Known simply as “Queen,” Beatrix is the leader of a group of mercenaries employed by a mysterious space-faring entrepreneur. Though petite in stature, she’s a deceptively powerful brawler with a ruthless, unpredictable fighting style and a penchant for inflicting excruciating pain upon her foes. Her various piercings and body modifications, to which she is constantly adding, are a source of great pride.

Queen is just under one hundred years old, but maintains a youthful appearance thanks to her Gattowi genetics. Like many Gattowi her age, she was born during the Delleyan occupation of her homeworld; in her case, this proved transformative. Studying the movements and mannerisms of the occupying force, Queen became fascinated with their predictability. Before long, she was able to use this knowledge to assassinate fourteen Delleyan agents of various rank undetected. During an attempt on a fifteenth victim, she was identified by several eye witnesses, but managed to flee the planet and avoid capture. She’s been on the run ever since, but frequently finds mercenary work with those operating outside the bounds of intergalactic law. She has since perfected the art of killing.

A cunning strategist with only her personal interests in mind, Queen should never be trusted under any circumstances — perhaps not even by her own allies. Queen is currently only the fifth most dangerous person in the entire galaxy, a statistic she resents with a passion.


Anya “The Butcher” Bellanova

Hailing From: Beh-Fei
Occupation: Telepathic Ne'er-Do-Well
Enjoys: skimpy outfits, sunbathing, expensive treats, wanton violence

Anya is a trusted member of Queen’s inner circle. Though the language barrier tends to make her seem a little simple, she’s a sharp wit and skilled manipulator. Anya has keen psychic powers that allow her to listen in on a person’s active thought patterns; it is nearly impossible to keep a secret from her without intense mental training. While not particularly skilled in combat, her persuasive methods of interrogation and torture have made her notorious throughout the universe.

Anya led a relatively unassuming life on her native Beh-Fei as a commercial sex worker until crossing paths with Beatrix Quenelley, a fugitive from Gattow. As sightings of Gattowi expatriates are extremely rare, Anya became intrigued and followed — until being ambushed by her target. Sensing her murderous intent, Anya saved herself by appealing to Queen’s vanity and begging to be taken under her wing. In exchange for a safe hideout, Queen educated her in the art of murder. Anya now looks up to her as a role model, and aspires to one day be half as good at killing people.

A passionate hedonist, Anya prioritizes the pursuit of pleasure above most things, including her personal safety. She is attracted to anyone she perceives as powerful, regardless of their physical sex. Anya is constantly expanding her collection of exotic pets with strange and fantastic creatures, some of which happen to be former celebrities.


Lone Ghunnman

Hailing From: Tawny Port
Occupation: Gun Slinger, Space Cowboy
Enjoys: target shooting, home repair, hand-rolled cigarettes, gabbing

Lone is the long-range specialist in Queen’s elite squad of mercenaries. His most prized possession is a single-action, variable-chamber revolver, capable of handling a wide range of ammunition at the press of a button. A crack shot in any situation, Lone is a master of precision shooting with seemingly unreal speed and accuracy — most of his opponents never even see his gun leave the holster before they take that trip up to the big corral in the stars.

Lone joined Queen’s entourage while locked in the brig of Tawny Port — an enormous space station located between the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. With a reputation as a carouser, Lone frequently spent his nights in the drunk tank with little recollection of how he got there. Offering him the opportunity to utilize his unusual talent for more than barroom parlor tricks, Queen paid his bail and enlisted his support. He feels a strong sense of obligation to Queen for giving his life some purpose, though he occasionally has qualms about her methods. Lone has a habit of unintentionally getting on Queen’s bad side, but he really does mean well.

Raised in a family of career mechanics, he’s developed a knack for repairing all manner of things, as well as the ability to talk the ears off even the most patient of people. Lone is slow to anger and generally maintains his cool with little effort. While he considers himself a ladies’ man, he remains blissfully unaware of most amorous overtures made in his direction. Lone is a heavy smoker with a preference for space-grown tobacco, though recent changes to Tri-Galactic law have limited its availability.


HK-7 Lanogan

Hailing From: Unknown
Occupation: Electric Heavy
Enjoys: precision, technical drawing, close combat, meditating

A man of relatively few words, Lanogan is an incredibly powerful combat android rounding out Queen’s team. Little is known about his origins, as he never volunteers information about his past; however, his dermis bears the designation ‘HK-7’, indicating that he is a Series 7 Hunter-Killer, an outlawed form of artificial intelligence. His synthetic muscles are capable of bearing unbelievable amounts of tension without him breaking a sweat — that is, if he actually had sweat glands. While he’s been known to change facial expressions on occasion, he prefers to keep this information private. A melee combat specialist, Lanogan excels at fighting bare-handed, though his left eye has also been outfitted with a high-powered laser capable of cutting through thick steel plating.

Lanogan was recruited by Queen after being discovered living in solitude on the desert planet Sharii, in the Triangulum Galaxy. Known to local tribes as “the lonely demon,” he avoided all forms of contact, though tales of his immense strength and frightening capacity for violence were frequently circulated. Approaching him with an offer to treat him as an equal rather than a mere tool, Queen gained his trust and secured his loyalty.

Despite a deep-seated resentment for all things fleshy, Lanogan is often moved by the sense of determination that many organic lifeforms possess. His body is equipped with a mechanically functional sex organ — intended by his designers to make him more convincing as an organic male — though his interest in such activities is next to nil. Lanogan’s favorite leisure activity is meditation; he has been observed remaining motionless for days at a time. He frequently imagines what it’s like to digest food.


Private Jinan “Jinny” Tannik

Hailing From: Garritas
Occupation: Conscript, Fangirl
Enjoys: bounty hunters, collectibles, stalking, praise

Jinan is a Garritan conscript serving aboard a military scout ship. Although she has nearly five years of active duty under her belt, an aversion to violence and squeamishness around blood have generally kept her sidelined. Jinan’s lack of specialization in any particular field has further limited the prospect of promotion. Relegated to guard duty, she typically assists with the processing and confinement of new prisoners. Though unanimously voted “Least Likely to Succeed” by a jury of her peers, Jinan believes strongly in Commander Dhin’s mission, and hopes to one day see “Her Excellency In Absentia” with her own eyes.

Her primary hobby is following the latest exploits of her favorite bounty hunters. Regarded as celebrities in many parts of the universe, hunters frequently secure merchandising deals with popular consumer brands, and often have extremely devoted fan-bases. Jinan’s absolute favorite hunter is Prince Julian of Delley; she has a complete collection of holofigures in his likeness, and keeps his rookie card in a locked display case under her bunk. She considers standing guard over him in the brig to be the high point of her career.

Professor Matini Oliva

Hailing From: Garritas
Occupation: Genius, Technophile
Enjoys: theoretical science, raw data, puzzles, bionics

Professor Oliva is an exceptionally brilliant research scientist employed by Commander Dhin, leader of the Garritan Empire. Specializing in telephysics, she is a pioneer in the field of compression theory — the science behind the reversible molecular collapse of physical objects. Her current project is the development of what she’s dubbed “containment technology”: a teleportation-based compression system that can store and catalogue any kind of matter in a handheld device. After a successful prototyping phase using organic objects and lab animals, several experimental devices have been deployed in the field for bounty pacification.

Following a lengthy battle with “Specimen Z-22,” a rare and aggressive form of flesh-eating bacteria, Professor Oliva lost her left arm and much of the tissue surrounding it. Six months of intensive physical therapy later, she constructed a prosthetic arm that connects directly to her nervous system, allowing her full motor control and restoring most of the sensation to her fingers. While modern prosthetics are incredibly lifelike — often indistinguishable from the patient’s original tissue — Professor Oliva prefers her own handiwork, and has thus far refused to upgrade. She has since studied bionics extensively, and often repairs cyborgs and androids in her spare time.