Pepito D'bo...

Hailing From: K'bab
Occupation: Lawbreaker,

Kung Fu Masseuse
Enjoys: eating, wrestling, girls,

being with Zukie

What Pepito lacks in brainpower, she makes up for in tenacity and appetite. She values the opinion of her best friend and older sister, Zukie, above all else. A very physical sort of girl, Pepito prefers a hands-on approach whenever possible (almost always), regardless of the situation being appropriate (usually never). Her inexperience in most social graces stems from a complete lack of inhibition and a child-like fascination with just about everything.

Pepito and Zukie were abandoned at birth and raised in one of K’bab’s many over-crowded, under-funded orphanages. After learning the basics — stealing, fighting, and staying alive — they struck out on their own as little more than children, living on the streets and just barely making ends meet. By the time they reached their teens, they’d become notorious thieves, frequently spending their evenings in jail or on the lam. It wasn’t until they escaped the planet that their criminal careers really took off.

Pepito is currently married to Rika, Mai, and the prince of the Tri-Galactic Federation through unusual circumstances. She is also a practitioner of a rare blend of martial arts and massage known as the Harmonic Arts. Pepito happens to be a very dangerous criminal — currently Number Four of the Galaxy’s Ten Most Wanted. Her favorite Earth foods are dairy products, which are largely unknown on her homeworld. She is easily moved to tears.

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 1