Pepito D'bo...

Hailing From: K'bab
Occupation: Lawbreaker,

Kung Fu Masseuse
Enjoys: eating, wrestling, girls,

being with Zukie

What Pepito lacks in brainpower, she makes up for in tenacity. She values the opinion of her best friend and older sister, Zukie, above all else. A very physical sort of girl, Pepito prefers a hands-on approach whenever possible (almost always) and regardless of the time being appropriate (usually never). Her inexperience in most social graces stems from a combination of a complete lack of inhibition, and a child-like fascination with just about everything. She is currently married to Rika, Mai, and the prince of the Tri-Galactic Federation through unusual circumstances. She is also a practitioner of a rare blend of martial arts and massage known as the Harmonic Arts. Pepito happens to be a very dangerous criminal (currently Number Four of the Galaxy's Ten Most Wanted). She is easily moved to tears.

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 1