What is all this?

Oh, hey there. This is a webcomic called Our Home Planet. It's a science fiction comedy set on Earth, taking place not that long ago: Cell phones flip open, compact discs are pretty cool, and the Internet is still primarily for nerds.

Rika and Mai, two mostly-normal Earthlings, have their lives turned upside-down after crossing paths with the D'bo Sisters, the third and fourth-most dangerous space pirates in the Tri-Galaxy area. It just so happens that they're being pursued by a parade of bounty hunters, mercenaries, and maybe even a monarchy or two... but what's it all got to do with that weird necklace?

Rather than spoil anything for you, might I recommend starting from Page 1?

Is this a comic for adults?

OHP is written with an adult in mind, though obviously anyone is welcome to enjoy it. My views on sex and violence are pretty relaxed... In fact, I love them! I hope you do, too. You may see the occasional exposed backside or bodies in various kinetic states, perhaps even a frank description of intercourse or an overly detailed bit of blood and gore. I don't believe any topic should be taboo, which you'll likely find reflected in the comic. Feel free to love it or hate it.

What species are these characters?


What does GD stand for, anyway?

That's a secret. Allow me a little mystery.

What's OHP made with?

I use Photoshop and a large-format Wacom Intuos 3. No more, no less, no vectors. Both the older, pixel-heavy strips and newer, anti-aliased strips are completely hand-drawn. The only difference is that the newer strips are drawn at 300 dpi, then resized. The current font is Comicraft's Comicrazy, though some older pages also use Dave Gibbons Lower International or the venerable Arial. The website was constructed using the now-defunct Grawlix CMS.

Do some of the pages look different now?

Your eyes are not deceiving you. I'll often go back over my work and clean up or completely change things to my liking. If I rushed a panel one week, I may redraw it next week. I generally don't note these changes since they don't alter the course of the story, but I have been known to rewrite the occasional joke or fix the odd grammatical mishap.

Where's the latest comic?

Everyone's favorite question. Truth be told, sometimes I get too busy for a timely update. Sometimes the update is so large or complex that there wasn't enough time in the week to do it. Sometimes I'm just too tired. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that I haven't forgotten. I know it's not up. Usually, I'll have it up a day or two later, so keep checking back. When I'm running late, you can usually check on my progress near the top of the main page. Remember, OHP is a labor of love. So please, don't send me nasty messages about how I'm inconveniencing your comic-reading schedule by posting at my leisure.

I think I found a mistake. Can I tell you?

Please do. Most parts of this site, comic included, are created while I'm half asleep, so it's entirely possible that the words leaving my fingertips are completely incoherent. I understand that some comic artists get uppity about having mistakes in their work pointed out, but rest assured, these people are assholes. Actually, I'm an asshole, too, but I really do appreciate it when people help me retain some semblance of literacy.

Is it okay to do fan-art or cameos of these characters?

I'd be thrilled! All I ask is that you, y'know, show me. Because I wanna see. I love fan-art, it'd totally make my day!

Is there any merchandise? Any way to donate?

No merch yet. T-shirts soon, perhaps. A Patreon page should be available shortly, which will have some perks for anyone generous enough to donate. Stay tuned!

Where is OHP hosted?

OHP is hosted with DreamHost, whose servers are fast and customer service is pretty good. If you decide to sign up with them, I'd appreciate it if you could list me as your referral, since it'll bring my server costs down slightly (but every little bit counts!). Thanks!