Who is this guy?

GD is a cartoonist who's been making sequential web funnies for nearly 20 years. Although the Internet didn't quite blossom into the digital utopia anyone hoped for, it's remained one of the few outlets where comics, as a medium, still have room for growth. Not bound by the length of the page, the expense of color printing, or the limits of good taste, GD is striving to make content that is uniquely for the web.

GD's art is an amalgam of his strongest influences, from street murals to Saturday morning cartoons. Growing up on a diet of comic books, anime, and action movies, GD revels in bright colors, ludicrous ultra-violence, skin-tight uniforms, and cheesy one-liners.

GD lives near the Pacific coast with his muse and life partner. They spend most of their time watching B-movies and avoiding the public.